From Individuals

“I have a newfound confidence in my abilities after my coaching sessions with Karen. I experienced ‘light bulb’ moment after ‘light bulb’ moment about how I best work and lead. She is insightful, vivacious, very experienced and has given me wisdom around strengths, leadership and working with teams that is insightful and practical. I highly recommend her for strengths consultation and training.”

Beci Wakerley
State Childrens Pastor, Hillsong Church

“The team and individual sessions I participated in helped me recognise where my input is of most value within a team, or as a design contractor. Karen was attentive and insightful, bringing to attention my strengths and values, and how they contribute to the success of my work. Karen was a pleasure to deal with, and I highly recommend Teaming Works.”

Simon Bailey
Director, Simon Bailey Design

“Having a coaching session with Karen was such an insightful experience. The original questionnaire did not take too long and the results were very interesting. Karen helped me understand the results and put some depth to it and context. Understanding my strengths helped me feel empowered to lean into those strengths, both in my personal and professional life. Being given the clarity and context of each strength allowed me to have understanding and grace for different perspectives and personalities that hold different strengths, and has therefore encouraged better team-working relationships, this also applies to both my professional and my personal life.”

Gemma Schembri
Marketing Coordinator, Clarety Solutions

From Teams

“Our whole team got the opportunity to be involved in the Teaming Work Sessions. There were so many great takeaways after each session. Karen helped us with practical and actionable steps that we can do for our team. Those workshops gave me new ideas on how we can work better as a team. Each team member was guided on learning to maximise their strengths in their role as well. We valued it so much that we have introduced this as part of our onboarding process for all new staff. Thank you for listening to our needs and inspiring us for a better and healthier work culture. I look forward to more new sessions with Teaming Works!”

Sharon Wong
Solutions Delivery Lead, Clarety Solutions

“Teaming Works is the perfect organisation to take your organisation to the next level. Through professional one on one and group training Karen is able to help build team cohesion and collaboration like no other. Her passion for helping people identify their purpose and strengths leaves you wondering why you waited so long to book her. I can not recommend Teaming Works enough. Our team at Diamond Women are forever grateful for her warmth, insight and professional service.”

Jenny Gurry
Founder and CEO, Diamond Women

“Karen has been able to provide valuable insights to our team and has been able to promote a collaborative team environment where our strengths are identified and expanded. She has been able to focus the team on the work we do and has brought the best out of each person she has worked with. We plan to engage with Karen to provide ongoing team building processes and enhance the opportunities ahead for the organisation.”

Ian Heininger
CEO, Charity Bounce

“Karen has done a great job training our team to identify, build upon our strengths and to work better together. The training has been very beneficial to all of the individually and as a team. We all have a greater understanding of our own strengths and the strengths of our colleagues. Karen has facilitated the sessions in a fun environment engaging all of my staff in person and online sessions. I highly recommend Karen from Teaming Works to help you identify your strengths individually and as a team!”

Justin Pounder
General Manager APAC Region, Flowbird Transport Intelligence

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