Coaching & development is our passion. We focus on bringing your personal and organisational vision to life through strength-based development with each individual and collectively as a team.

Strengths-Based Development Empowers People for Greater Performance

Gallup created the science of strengths. Gallup’s extensive research of the well known CliftonStrengths assessment emphasises the importance of strengths-based development.

The formula Strength = Talent x Investment captures a profound concept in a simple fashion: Talents are your naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling, or behaviour and to turn those talents into strengths, you must invest in them by practicing them and adding knowledge and skills to them.

Teaming Works helps you turn your talents into strengths with our personalised coaching of you and your team. Find out more

The Benefits

Teams that receive strengths-based development achieve:


increase in employee


increased profits.


fewer safety


lower turnover
in high-turnover

Source: Gallup’s meta-analysis of 1.2 million individuals and 49,495 work units in 45 countries specifically shows how strengths affect outcomes.

Who’s It For?

Individuals, teams and managers all benefit from developing their Strengths. Developing your individual and team natural talents improves satisfaction and productivity in your personal and professional life.

For Teams

Teaming Works equips Managers and CEOs who desire to see their team thrive in the workplace. Strength-based development helps achieve greater levels of collaboration leading to increased productivity, staff satisfaction and well-being.

Teaming Works offers four individualised workshops to enhance teamwork. While each workshop is designed to build upon the learnings of prior sessions, teams will take useful insights into their work life from each session.

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For Individuals

Teaming Works provides one-on-one coaching for those individuals who desire to understand themselves at a greater level and strengthen their unique natural talents to utilise in their personal and professional life.

You will take practical insights from each session, and each of the four-one-on-one sessions is designed to build upon the learnings of prior sessions.

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“There were so many great takeaways after each session. Karen helped us with practical and actionable steps that we can apply in our team. The sessions gave me new ideas on how we can work better as a team. Each team member was guided on learning to maximise their strengths in their role as well. We valued it so much that we have introduced this as part of our onboarding process for all new staff.”

Sharon Wong
Solutions Delivery Lead, Clarety Solutions

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